Energy consulting

Energy consulting

Ricardo's energy team comprises highly experienced professionals specialising in technoeconomic and management services for the energy sector, with particular emphasis on the power sector

The team members have particular strengths in power sector investment planning, renewable electricity and heat, transmission/distribution and smart grids, international electricity markets and industry regulation.

A strength of our team is the ability to combine strategic, financial/ economic and technical advice as an integrated consultancy service to public and private sector clients around the world.

Our sector experts are qualified in a wide range of commercial, engineering, economic and financial disciplines.

Our specialists have expertise in the business and technical issues involved in connecting renewable and conventional energy technologies into existing energy networks – whether large hydropower schemes, conventional thermal power stations or dispersed generation projects (such as wind farms and biomass-fired plants). They also provide world-leading smart-grid solutions to help clients implement networks that are intelligently integrating generation, storage and demand in real-time, while protecting the network assets.

We provide technical and economic advice to utility companies and regulators in areas such as investment planning, cost of service studies, tariff design and the development of transmission charges to facilitate power trading.

We also work closely with international donors and governments on the design and implementation of energy policies, including market incentives.

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